Terms of use

By registering on the site www.marketsrec.com and (or) when using the services offered on the site www.marketsrec.com you agree to the terms of this user agreement and accept all of the following conditions.

1. Privacy policy regarding the use of personal data of users and cookies files
1.1. To register on the site and to use our services, you must specify your personal information (name and e-mail).
1.2. Information about your personal data (e-mail) is necessary for feedback to you and for identifying you as a unique user, as our services are tied to a specific user.
1.3. Your personal data is confidential, reliably protected by the necessary hardware and can not be disclosed or transferred to third parties.
1.4. If you do not want to receive email notification from us, you can turn off notifications. To do this, at the end of each letter will be an instruction to unsubscribe from notifications. In this case, your personal data will be stored in our database, but you will not receive any letters from us.
1.5. To permanently delete your personal data from our database, there is the DELETE ACCOUNT button. By clicking on this button your account will be permanently deleted and the subscription canceled.

2. Сookies files.
2.1 The site www.marketsrec.com uses cookies - small data files that are stored by some browsers on the hard drive while you use our site.
2.2. Cookies are small files with data that our site can store on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. They help to increase the efficiency and usability of our site.
2.3. What cookies we use:
Session cookies, they make it easier to use our site, tracking your movements between pages, thus avoiding the re-provision of information. This provides quick and easy navigation without having to authenticate or re-process each new page visited. These cookies are automatically deleted when the browser is closed.
Persistent, long-term or saved cookies, they help our website remember the settings and navigation preferences for later visiting your site, for example, language settings. They also allow you to remember whether or not an entry was made to the site. Thus, they allow you to make the use of the site faster and more convenient. These cookies do not collect or store any personal data. They are stored on the computer or mobile devices before their expiration or removal.
Third-party cookies, we do not create and do not read third-party cookies for advertising, dynamic remarketing, or with other marketing purposes.
Google Analytics, we use Google Analytics to evaluate or improve the performance of our site and generate statistical reports about the operation of the site (for example, the number of visitors and pageviews, the types of web browsers used, purchases, etc.). We do not transfer any personal data to Google Analytics.
2.4. Your rights. We use cookies that allow us to identify you, your computer or mobile device only if you have your consent to these actions
You have the right at any time:
- withdraw consent to use cookies;
- prevent the use of all cookies;
- delete existing cookies;
- change the settings of cookies.
The prohibition, blocking or deletion of cookies can be set in the settings of the web browser. For more information, see the "Help" section of the web browser. Detailed instructions on how to configure various Web browsers for desktop computers are also available at www.aboutcookies.org or www.allaboutcookies.org. Information on how to perform these settings on your mobile device is contained in the user guide of the mobile device. To opt out of using Google Analytics, visit https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout. In the event of failure, removal or disabling of session or persistent cookies, some sections or functions of our site may not be available.
2.5. Other websites. Our site can contain links to other sites. This Cookie Policy applies only to our site, therefore, when switching to other sites, you must review their own cookie policies.

3. Restrictions on the use of our services
The success of the exchange trade largely depends on the volume of transactions and the number of users of a particular trading system. The less traders use the same system, the less it is affected by the influence of other players and, the less likely it is that it is ineffective, therefore:
3.1. To use our service as a result of our intellectual activity, you are granted a non-exclusive license with or without restrictions, specified on the page with the conditions for the provision of a particular product.
3.2. It is forbidden to transfer our services and their copies to third parties
3.3. It is forbidden to place our services and their copies on the Internet without our written consent.
3.4. In case of violation of these restrictions on the use of our services, as well as the restrictions indicated on the pages of the provision of specific services, the violator's account is blocked on the site, the infringer is deprived of the license to use our services without refunding the money spent for the acquisition in case commercial services are used.
3.5. In case of suspicion of violation of these restrictions, we are entitled to block the user's license until the fact of violation is revealed and to demand the provision of the necessary data to confirm or deny the suspicion.

4. Risk and Guarantee Warning
4.1. Trade on the exchange can bring both a good income, and is fraught with financial and psychological risks. Therefore, we recommend trading only on your own funds, the loss of which will not affect your material and psychological condition. You accept as a fact that you can incur losses.
4.2. Any trading system eventually becomes inefficient as the market changes. Our main task is to monitor the market and make changes to the trading system on time or change it completely in case it is not appropriate for its further use.
4.3. Based on many years of experience, we can confidently state that timely updating or changing the trading system significantly reduces the risk of loss, but this does not give 100% guarantee that the next update of the system or the new system will bring a positive result for any certain period in the future. The declared profitability in the future is a forecast based on the average profitability in the past and is not a guarantee of obtaining similar results in the future. We do not bear material, legal or any other liability if the use of our products will result in losses or lost profits.
4.4. If we purchase services from us, we guarantee their regular updating or full replacement if it is impossible to obtain positive results for an unlimited number of times during the validity period of the purchased license. To reduce risks, you need to keep track of service updates in a timely manner or change them to a new system offered by us. Informing users about updates and changes is done by sending emails. Taking into account that the mass mailing is carried out massively for a number of reasons, it may not receive emails with information, so the user must independently check for updates on the site www.marketsrec.com
4.5. We do not bear financial or any other responsibility in cases of loss or impossibility to use our services in connection with the consequences of state innovations, сhanges in market rules or trading conditions of your dealing center or broker, suspension of exchange trades and other circumstances that we can not influence.
4.6. The materials and products of the site for familiarization and educational purposes are of a recommendatory nature based on our experience. We can not guarantee and do not bear material and legal responsibility in connection with the receipt or receipt of any specific results specifically by you or anyone else using the materials and products of the site.

5. Technical support and feedback
5.1. Technical support is provided only for users of our paid services.
5.2. We may not respond to requests from customers who do not use our paid services or customers not identified as users of paid services.
5.3. Technical support is provided through the contact details listed on the website www.marketsrec.com.
5.4. Appeals from users to support are usually considered within one business day. In some cases, during periods of multiple requests, consideration can take up to 10 business days.
5.5. We do not respond to appeals containing profanity, insults, provocations.

6. Other provisions
6.1. We have the right to change the provisions of this Agreement at our discretion. The amendments come into force from the moment of posting the amended text of the Agreement on the website www.marketsrec.com Informing users about the changes is carried out by posting a new version of the Agreement on the website www.marketsrec.com.
6.2. We do not provide trust management services, as well as any other services subject to licensing.
6.3. You, by registering on the site and (or) using our services guarantee that:
- You are of legal age;
- have read and agree with the terms of this Agreement.

7. For any questions you can contact us by e-mail: support@marketsrec.com