How does it work

Fractal consists of three phases. A certain fluctuation we take for phase 1. We are waiting for the completion of the movement in phase 1. Then phase 2 begins. In phase 2, we look for an entry point in the direction of phase 1, that would take a profit phase 3.

The most likely goals of the movement is the level of extremum of phase 1.After reaching the extremum of phase 1, profit is recommended to be transported to a breakeven.If the price has broken through the reverse extremum of phase 1, Exit is recommended to close open transactions.

How does it work
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Our company provides recommendations in the markets of forex, futures, indices, commodities and crypto-currencies. Our team consists of experienced traders who have more than 10 years of experience in various markets. We have created a Forex recommendations Project, which publishes recurrent trading recommendations based on fractal wave analysis, which we ourselves use to trade. We also develop various indicators, trading robots, various services that automate and simplify the work of the trader.

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